We develop the project together with the owner. For an estimated quote, we require at least 20-30 high quality photos to be able to quote. This enables us to make a good estimation and a professional quote.

When the final costing is carried out and the quote is accepted we guarantee that no additional labour costs will be charged during the process.

In this case we can also schedule the process timing, and fix a starting date with you, and an expected finishing date (in this case the only delays that might arise could be if we have to wait for some special, hard-to-find spareparts*).

* Note: it is always better for the owner to get prepared and collect as much as possible of the known, needed spares before the work starts. It is better for us because we don’t need to spend our time with sourcing, and also better for the customer that he doesn’t need to spend surcharges for our parts sourcing.

During the restoration process our garage is always open to our customer. You can anytime visit us and see how we proceed and can see the quality of our work too.

We are also partners in modifications and extra wishes when they are technically and legally feasable.