In case of a classic car restoration the first you want to know what costs what you can estimate. It is not only important because you have to pay for the services, but must be known in advance, in order to evaluate if the project worth the price, will the car have a return in the market value afterwards.

In most cases, classic car garages are working with cost/work hour base. This is what you can never control and also… one can work faster or slower, therefore it is uncertain.

As mentioned before you need to set up and budget your project.

Therefore we changed the old habits and developed our Flatrate Restoration prices. By this method we categorize the task on your cars, such as stripping, bodyworks, paint process, assembly, mechanical repairs and other requirements. 

In case of all work step, we can judge how serious and complex is the required action, and can categorize them into three categories: small, medium and large.

Based on these categories, our experience allows us to set up cost levels, and can immediately quote you the cost of operation. 

Sample: A classic vehicle with relatively low amount of rust, but totally destroyed paint and some mechanical issues.

We can apply in this case: Large stripping&Assembly + Small welding + Large paint job + Medium mechanical repair.

Your invoice will contain the cost of this 4 items plus the eventually necessary transportation and spare part costs.

With this way we are able to quote you a restoration job relatively simply, based on photos we receive from you, and we can guarantee that you won’t have additional costs in relation to our labour costs.

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